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Head of School’s Welcome

“Welcome to The Bridge, an independent school welcoming students who have become disengaged within education and the school community, offering them hope and most importantly, a future.

Here at The Bridge we are completely focused on the child, with their wellbeing at the centre of everything we do.  With highly trained staff, and learning in small groups, we have the tools necessary to support our students in achieving their academic potential.

We are committed to building relationships with not only our students, but with their parents/carers and any other professional who is involved in their life. The Bridge have strong links with CAMHS, and together we are dedicated to supporting students as they build their self-esteem, and grow in confidence. With 100% increase in attendance from when they began their new journey at The Bridge, we are proud of each and every one of our students, and we look forward to their future journey.”

Maria Jackson

Head of School and Safeguarding Lead

“The headteacher leads the school successfully with kindness, compassion, understanding and professional skills. This ethos has a positive impact on pupils’ personal development, learning and progress. It is shared by all staff, permeates throughout the school and is encapsulated in the school’s mission statement, ‘hope and a future’.”