Tale Of Two Hamsters – By Charlie Jackson

Tale of Two Hamsters

We have all heard of curiosity killed the cat, but did curiosity kill the Hamster?

On October 7th 2019, The Bridge was excited to welcome Hamilton the Hamster to The Bridge. Only to come in the next day and find that he was missing! The whole school was devastated, creating posters and some students created a power point order of service for his funeral.

On 9th October 2019, there was no evidence of Hamilton, despite the students and teachers frantic search, scouring the school from room to room. The decision was made to buy another Hamster, Hamilton Bridge the 2nd.

Less than a week later it was highlighted by Ellie our Art Teacher and several students that virtually all of the corn on the cob used as an exhibit was missing from the Art room. It was then that Steve suggested placing a humane mousetrap around the school.

The 18th October came; it was the last day of half term and the only sign of life was all of the corn had vanished. The traps were empty. The corn on the cobs were gone. The school would soon be closed for the week. It was safe to assume that Hamilton had met an unfortunate end, due to his curiosity, rightly or wrongly!

On Monday 28th we returned after the half term holiday, Steve purchased a larger humane trap as a last bid to find our frightened friend. Although we all assumed that this would be unsuccessful, as he had been gone for 3 weeks, without water; hamsters typically die between 3 – 4 days from dehydration. Not to mention the lack of vital nutrients.

However, the next day the inquisitive rodent had been deceived and his curiosity caught him out. The Bridge now has TWO Hamsters and Hamilton Bridge the 1st has been renamed Houdini, after his great escape from his cage, where he leapt 20 inches to the ground. The jump alone could have been fatal, yet he survived and endured the famine and homelessness roaming around The Bridge all alone. Despite this, he was physically well and rapidly whizzed around the warm safe home that he had once absconded from. He gorged on is food and drank lots of water, before sleeping in his tube. The feral life was over and Houdini appeared relieved, tranquil and no longer belligerent.

Written By Charlie Jackson

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