As part of Life Education Trust, The Bridge is an Independent School providing education for Havering Secondary Students, who are unable to access mainstream school due to their medical or mental health issues.

Referrals can be made via the local authority or directly through schools. All referrals need to go via the Inclusion Gateway Process.

Admission and access to support from The Bridge and the Home Education Service is via the Havering AP and Admissions Team, from the school at which the student is registered and must be accompanied by robust medical evidence from medical consultants and/or CAMHS.

Students must reside in Havering to have access to support from The Bridge and the Home Tuition Service.

Following the decision of The Bridge and The Local Authority to accept the referral the Head of Centre will make contact with the parents, referring school and other professionals, with a view to integrating the student to The Bridge, and guided by the medical evidence and advice from CAMHS, will form the basis of the student’s proposed timetable and number of timetabled hours.

  • Our aim for all KS3 Pupils is to reintegrate the student back to mainstream school
  • KS4 Students will have the opportunity to continue their education at The Bridge
  • Students will remain on roll at their referring school
  • Year 11 Students who have been educated at The Bridge in the previous year have the opportunity to transfer school to The Bridge
  • KS4 Students have the opportunity to sit their exams at The Bridge
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