Vision Statement

Our Vision

Hope and a Future

At The Bridge our vision is to provide a sense of hope and an optimism about the future for every one of our pupils.

Our Mission

Our aim is that every child and young person we work with develops a sense of hope so that they can effectively face the future.  Whatever challenges and difficulties they have faced in the past and whatever their feelings about the things that have happened to them, we help them to develop a sense of self worth and purpose.  Every pupil is given tools to help them cope with their feelings and emotions.  They develop an awareness that however difficult the challenges are, they are not permanent, personal or all pervasive, and can be overcome.  Our academic curriculum is supported by a range of enrichment subjects and activities which assist them.  In this way, The Bridge ensures that every pupil has the emotional, social, academic and spiritual strength and awareness to face a bright future.

Our Learner Characteristics

We help every pupil become:  Creative, Articulate, Resilient, Empathetic, Reflective and Self Aware.

Our Behaviour

We have developed a set of behaviours based on Steven Covey’s Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.  These explain the way that we want to act towards each other and everyone in our community.

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